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Environmental Policy

In today’s consumer marketplace, being green and being ethical are no longer options, but a necessity. New legislation, voluntary standards and customer expectations, are making companies more and more accountable for the impact of their products on the environment and society. Consumer demand for eco-friendly and ethically made products continue to grow, as environmental and social issues enter mainstream thinking. Most electrical brand product leaders are beginning to focus on their social, economic and environmental responsibilities.

 R&B Star is keen to make sure it plays its part in ensuring all sustainability aims are met.

  • As part of our strategy R&B Star has a policy of working with UK manufacturers which are brand leaders in our industry who can offer us localised logistics and expertise, it is equally important to us that they should provide quality assurance for the products they sell to us.
  • Where possible R&B Star have employed hybrid vehicles that have been used as part of our regular fleet to increase our fuel efficiency while embracing new technology to minimize our impact on the environment.
  • Reducing energy by installing energy efficient lamps across all sites
  • Reducing paper usage by having printers set to default double sided
  • The company is fully licensed not only to handle WEEE waste, but also to collect from site if required, and full traceability can be provided.; R&B Star can offer a free lamp and tube recycling service, as we are a designated
    collection point for recolight: info@recolight.co.uk. Collection point ref 0193.

R & B Star Hazardous waste registration no. NQG616

To ensure safe treatment and to increase recycling, R&B Star can offer its customers return to origin for any waste electrical product purchased directly from us.

The symbol WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) on electrical equipment indicates that at the end of its life, it should not be treated as normal household waste.

R&B Star is aware that our business can have an impact on the environment. We are often asked to supply our customer base with products containing mercury, lead and cadmium, which are now considered as dangerous waste in the U.K. In the event of incineration, these metals pollute the atmosphere. When Lamps & Tubes are simply dumped, their oxidation frees these metals, which may then pollute the soil or underground water. R&B Star is able to offer solutions for disposing of key products, which are classified as hazardous.

We have created an environmental action plan and this will be updated as we review our environmental management system on a quarterly basis.

We will provide training to our staff to ensure that they are kept informed and included in our environmental activity. New staff will receive environmental training as part of their induction. In addition, we will communicate with our contractors and suppliers to agree how they can support our environmental objectives and targets.

We are committed to improving our environmental performance and our policy will be updated on an annual basis.


Date: 1st November 2014                            Date of Review: 1st November 2015

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