Bike Week June 2016

This year Cycling UK’s ambition is to get half-a-million new (or lapsed) cyclists to join the ranks of nearly 800,000 people who currently cycle to work every day. There are many benefits to cycling to work, it not only improves your health physically and mentally but reduces pollution and helps the environment. For more information

R&B Star are doing their bit, Callum who works in the warehouse at Crayford is cycling to work.

As a company with a fleet of 14 vehicles we are very aware of the dangers on the road for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. As such we have undertaken and been awarded the Bronze FORS accreditation. This accreditation reassures existing and potential clients that we are operating in a safe, green, efficient and environmentally sound manner.

Our drivers have also undertaken the FORS Cycle Safety training which provided them with essential information on recognising the potential hazards and how to minimise the risk of incidents with cyclists. They are also all booked on to the FORS Van Smart training which aims to reduce work related road risks and improve safety.

We also very lucky to have a member of staff who is a FORS Practitioner. Craig our Compliance Manager is now best placed to help us ensure we are equipped with the latest industry best practice in safe, green and efficient fleet operations.