CPR & CE marking for cable

Did you know that the CPR & CE marking for cable become a legal requirement from the 1st July 2017. Find out more about the regulation below –

What are the Construction Product Regulation (CPR)?
• CPR replaces the existing Construction Product Directive (CPD)
• It lays down harmonised rules for all construction products
• It will be mandatory for manufactures to apply the CE mark to their products together the euroclass the product meets
• The most significant difference to the existing CE marking scheme is that instead of being a self-regulating scheme, cable will require third party testing by a notified body.

• To help in harmonising products and materials that are used in construction across Europe
• To promote a higher level of safety with regards to reactance to fire and dangerous substances
• To achieve greater clarity and traceability of products used in construction

• CPR will become a legal requirement from the 1st July 2017
• Fire resistant cables will be excluded from the CPR until a new set of regulations are published

• From the 1st July 2017, the manufacturer of the cable, the importer of cable manufactured outside of the EU and any distributor or wholesaler in the supply chain must meet their new legal obligations.

• They must draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) with regards to the cables reaction to fire
• They must apply a CE mark followed by euro classification showing consistency with DoP
• They must make the DoP publicly available, either in paper or electronic format
• The manufacturer is the person who places the cable on sale in Europe (so this could be the distributor of imported cables)

• Any company that imports cable from outside the EU must ensure it is CPR compliant and has CE mark and DoP
• They must mark on the packaging their name, registered trade mark name or mark and their contact address
• They must carry our sample testing of the products, keep a register of complaints, non-conformance and product recalls for 10 years

Distributor / Wholesaler
• Must ensure that the cables they supply bear the correct CE marking
• Must ensure that the manufacturer/importer has complied with all relevant CPR requirements (such as checking the DoP)
• Must not supply any product that they believe does not confirm to its DoP and withdraw or recall a product they believe non-conformant with CPR

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