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Bespoke TrainingThrough the growth accelerator funding we have been able to invest in our staff and offer them relevant training to help them progress and grow.

We teamed up with Rachel Stone at Bespoke Training East Bourne

Rachel says “I started working with R&B Star through the Growth Accelerator programme. I was introduced to the team of Directors though a colleague of mine who had met them. He realised that they were looking to develop leadership skills and to set out a vision to take the company to a higher level.

I came to the offices to introduce myself and we had a very productive meeting in which we looked at any barriers to growth. We identified that the best way to grow would be through enhancing the skills of the Directors Team and then once we had built this platform we would move on to the Branch Manager levels. The meeting was very detailed and we built good rapport. We felt like a good fit and set out the ingredients of a leadership and management development programme. We met to build a plan together which was an intensive workshop to identify how each person in the team needed to evolve, what their main priorities were and what major learning they had gained from their recent leadership experience. I then built a programme of workshops to take the leadership style towards a coaching method (transformational leadership). We also set out to support each Director with a programme of 1:1 coaching throughout the year.”

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