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July 2014 Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) celebrates centenary

Bob and Glen Robertson joined around 200 delegates  from the UK electrical wholesaling and distribution members of the EDA, as well as senior manufacturing company personnel and others turned up on Thursday 3rd July 2014 at the magnificent Orangery of Kensington Palace, London, to help the organisation celebrate its centenary in style.

It certainly was a big day for the EDA and very successful. We had gathered together people from the past, present and future and I found myself in a somewhat strange position as I was one of the Past Presidents, I am a current member of the board of directors and I have just been voted in for another 3 year stint. I think I was the only one there in all 3 camps.

eda1Whilst the celebrations were for the last 100 years, we introduced the industry to our new Chief Executive, Margaret Fitzsimons and at the preceding board meeting we discussed the very strong possibility of the 3 main industry bodies, ECA, electricians, EDA, wholesalers and BEMA, manufactures all moving to the same office block in London. This opens up the possibility for joint lobbying to Parliament which is important because we all lost out to the supermarkets and sheds when the government decided to give away thousands of compact fluorescent lamps, via them, while we were still trying to sell them!!

The EDA remains the main training body for electrical wholesale staff and we are very close to launching a computer based work book series. Amazingly a large number of students expressed a desire to keep the books.

Bob Robertson (Company Chairman)

[box title=”” bg_color=”#0670B2″ align=”left”]If you want to join the training, it is open to employees of all ages, it remains the quickest way to improve your product knowledge, warning, it does require commitment and some hard work but the rewards are many. If you want to progress in the company you must have product knowledge, this is also the same for our competitors. They also have access to the work books. We have copies of the celebration book available if you want to read it at any time.[/box]

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